About The Affiliate Program


Through an information-rich forum, the Affiliate Program allows organizations to stay connected with NACHA and the issues and developments that are shaping the ACH Network. Organizations gain inside access to the latest developments in the payments industry. Affiliate Program members

  • Have input on NACHA Operating Rules development
  • Receive NACHA discounts
  • Garner increased visibility within the payments industry

Members also have opportunities to participate in exclusive members-only conference calls throughout the year to discuss NACHA Operating Rules proposals, Requests for Comments (RFCs), and other NACHA initiatives.

Affiliate Program members include a variety of ACH Network stakeholders – ACH service providers, financial institutions, processors, government agencies, corporations, and technology providers.


Membership by organizations in the Affiliate Program does not constitute Direct Membership in NACHA. A financial institution that joins the Affiliate Program is encouraged to join a Regional Payments Association as well, in order to benefit from the valuable support and services that are unique to those Direct Members of NACHA.